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Stealing Dawn

Jazz, Blues, Motown, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Top 40 and a little more.... 
A classy addition to any event, private, corporate, wedding, or public venue. Stealing Dawn Entertainment offers an upbeat acoustic blues twist to music you already know and love. 


It is our great and humble honor to be invited to help celebrate our special day!

-Stealing Dawn is ready to welcome the spring and summer! Looking forward to getting back outside and joining our friends and fans for a glass on the patios all over Virginia, Maryland and the District. 

-Stealing Dawn is booking for 2019 into 2020 !!! Don't hesitate, send us your dates and times and let's discuss booking Stealing Dawn with you today!   As you may know from the last few years our calendars fill up quickly for all of the best dates. If you have tentative dates on the calendar for events, weddings and corporate gatherings let's open the lines of communication and work together to make sure you get the show you want. 

-Stealing Dawn 2018 was another wonderful year. Thank you to our friends, fans, and venues who keep the music alive. Thanks for believing in us, and letting us be a part of your lives. Cheers to 2019 <3

-Stealing Dawn has brought on Pete Walters a.k.a. "PeteBeat" full time. He is an official member of our awesome crew and we are lucky to have his phenomenal musical and percussion talents. 

-Huge thanks to all of our friends, fans and venues for another great year ahead. We wouldn't be here and thriving without your support. We want to thank you for listening to us, supporting us, liking, and sharing our videos and posts, bringing friends and getting us out there to your networks and to the venues, thanks so much for bringing us out season after season and giving us that opportunity. 


-New Venue: Big Cork Winery, at 4236 Main Street, Rohrersville, MD 21779. We were thrilled to be invited out to this fantastic winery. for those who know the lead singer of the band, this one hits awfully close to home so we are looking forward to heading that way this fall! See you there!


-New Venue: Jack's Run Brewery, Purcellville VA. Many thanks to Jacks Run for reaching out to us based on word of mouth. We are thrilled to say we have 5 dates locked in with this new and very appealing brewery! Can't wait to get out there! 


-Stealing Dawn is almost completely booked for 2017! That is fantastic news!!!!! Next year we will have to make tough decisions to keep up with demand and make sure to please our current venue list. We are so humbly honored, thrilled and PROUD of the extreme growth these past 2 years! 



- Pleased to Announce that we have increased our weddings and private events calendar compared more than ever before. Let us tell you why....... Stealing Dawn started out playing at only 2 wineries who we were so humbly invited to. As we continued to play, our venues increased rapidly. Soon after we came together and formalized Stealing Dawn- word got out and we were asked to play our first big wedding. That moment has had such an incredible impact on us as a group and as individuals.


When Stealing Dawn was preparing for our first wedding, we were playing cocktail hour and the first half of a reception. The event was classy and the attendees were very diverse. We realized, that we as total strangers were entrusted with someone's most memorable day.  As the event grew closer and closer- we took on a challenge of reimagining the First Dance, Mother Son Dance and Father Daughter Dance. This was huge! We were not just a part of their big day, but we were so intimately involved in the most captured and remembered moments of not just the Bride and Grooms big day but for their parents as well. What a special thing that is. We as a group found that the event in that light was even more emotional and precious to us. Since then, we have really been open and committed to playing weddings and private events. In this situation, we get to take on a challenge of being EXACTLY what someone wants us to be while remaining true to our style and sound. This has been not only a humbling and honorable experience but also a very valuable learning experience.  


Follow us as we continue to grow our private events and wedding celebrations!

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